Day 5: Standardize your URL structure | 30 - Days SEO Course

The URL on your website is like a signpost for what users want to access. The more unified the website structure, the faster the user reaches the destination. Creating a good user experience helps reduce bounce rate and increase dwell time.

The unified URL structure can also help search engines crawl your site faster. The faster a zombie can access all URLs, the more pages it can pass through, and it can index within a limited budget to crawl each website.

A unified directory structure also means the use of descriptive URLs. These can help users locate themselves on your website. Descriptive URLs are also suitable for marketing activities or sharing content on social networks because the URL provides clues about the content of the target web page.

Example of descriptive URL:

Hands-on tips: 

  • Check if you are using a descriptive URL
  • Check the click path and reduce the URL structure to a maximum of 4 directory levels. 
  • Make sure that the directory logically points to all of its parent folders, for example, / main-folder / subfolder / product.html. 
  • When making changes, use 301 redirect to redirect the old URL to the new URL.

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