Day 3: Identify and correct broken links | 30-Days SEO Course

When a user accesses a URL that is not found on the server, their browser will show the error code 404 (file not found). When this happens, it not only brings negative user experience but also interrupts the crawling of search engines. If a search engine finds too many 404 errors on your website, it is considered a sign that your website is not properly maintained. However, due to broken links, 404 errors often occur.
Identify and correct broken links

In other words, you have inserted a link somewhere on the site that no longer exists on the landing page. This usually happens when the target URL is changed or written incorrectly. Make sure to regularly check your website for any broken links (especially after restarting or changing a smaller URL). 

Tip for Fixing 404 errors :
  • Check if your website shows any 404 errors. 
  • Use 301 redirect to redirect the wrong URL to the correct URL. 
  • Ask other webmasters to fix any wrong links to your site. 
  • Check the links in the navigation menu.

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Avoid abusing comments. Peace ✌️ ✌️

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