7 Blog Niches to Get More Traffic and Earn Lots of Money at Home

Blogger Niche

I understand that you can show me some smaller bloggers who perform well in the random field. The question is whether they are the exception or the norm? 

Now, this list does not please many bloggers because they want to teach you how to bring any blog post to the moon. If they really want you to succeed, then they will tell you to start a blog about how to make money like them.

But this may not be sold.

As a blogger, you must be careful not to be too idealistic.

You will see all these blogs on how to make money, so you want to resist it completely, because you know that blogs about Alaska National Park tours are what the world needs.

Go for it. Just like you, others will do something more obvious and earn the money they want.

So, we start. Except for the first, there is no special order for other sequences. Also, keep in mind that these are broad areas. Each market segment has many sub-segments, but they all belong to a larger market segment. 

1. How to make money

This is obvious. The real elephant in the room.

Many novice bloggers often find themselves asking if they need to make money to start a blog.

This is a good question, because all the blogs that teach you how to make money seem to be run by people who can only make money through such blogs.

Fortunately, this is not the only niche market that can make money, but it is one of the simplest niche markets ...

… If you can prove that you are already making money.

Too many bloggers have jumped into this niche market and have taken the wrong approach. They pretend they have the knowledge to share the knowledge of making money online with others, but this audience is not stupid.

They know they have other options, so if you ca n’t show them somehow that you know what you ’re talking about, then you won’t make the money you think.

So, does this mean that novice bloggers cannot enter this field? of course not.

As a beginner, I treat it as a blog journey. Write down everything that works for you but not for you. From the first day, let people follow you.

The question is, is it better to make money with a blog or auxiliary blog? My gut tells me that you should use a secondary blog to do this, but it means that it takes more time. However, it provides you with more permissions to prepare a start-up book or course.

2. Personal Finance

According to the method adopted by the blog, it is easy to fall into the category of how to make money. Some personal finance websites teach you how to save money through frugal life, while others teach you how to make money through investment and part-time work.

Michelle Gardner is one of the larger bloggers in this field. Most of her income comes from affiliate links with Bluehost (how to create a blog and make money) and affiliate marketing courses.

Therefore, these two belong to the first niche market.

However, the strategy here is to expand the network around frugal life and then show people that you can live frugally and make a lot of money at the same time.

There are other places in this niche market, from frugal life to investment. Rosemarie's "Busy Budget Builder" is another good example.

3. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are one of these tricky walls, because you can get a lot of traffic from them, but if you do n’t know what you ’re doing, it ’s hard to profit.

The best way to start is affiliate marketing. This is so effective because your listeners are actively looking for solutions to the problem, and a good Amazon (or anywhere) link to products that can help you work wonders.

Many blogs in this niche market are usually managed by people or a team of fitness coaches.

4. Food

As we all know, this money is difficult to make money, because the audience does not really want to buy things, they just want recipes.

Or are they?

I think that this niche market is crucial for some people to enter and change the game.

Usually, this is how food blogs work.

Cook food
Shoot good food
Post picture recipe
The problem with this is that listeners who want recipes only want to see good pictures and recipes.

They don't care how your grandmother found the recipe in the attic box.

They only want recipes, which is a problem for food bloggers who want to make money through advertising. They need to attract people to visit their website, keep them browsing and keep scrolling so they can see more ads.

But these people only want recipes, so what should you do?

In fact, make your blog a food blog, not a recipe blog.

5. Beauty and Fashion

For me, this is the holy grail of successful blogging because you can not only make money, but also access exciting events.

The problem is that it is difficult. Other niche markets rely on excellent written content, while beauty and fashion depend more on your personality and ability to constantly differentiate yourself.

Most large beauty and fashion bloggers focus on YouTube and Instagram because they are visual platforms. Once they have established followers, they will slowly build their own blog.

Not surprisingly, their blogs have become more lifestyle blogs, covering many different categories beyond fashion and beauty. why? Because the niche of beauty and fashion is related to your overall lifestyle.

6. Lifestyle

This is the hardest to describe because it is so extensive. Some bloggers take this niche to the extreme and think they can write anything about life, but this is not the case.

For example, here are some sub-segments I saw for this segment:
  • gardening
  • Home (Huge)
  • Survival (huge)
  • Home / Outdoor Decoration
  • organization
  • travel
  • Parenting
These are not all, but definitely the ones I consider creating a blog in it.

The monetization method for this market segment is usually advertising or printable. Books in the first three sub-fields work well.
How to successfully achieve a lifestyle niche
Okay, this is the way of life. Most people spend a lot of time because they really believe they can write anything, that is not true.

To succeed in lifestyle, you must either solve the problems that many people encounter (how to organize your home), or you need to write a topic that people are irrationally passionate about (bullet diary).

If you want to see success as soon as possible, there is no middle.

You can point me to examples of successful bloggers in this niche market. These bloggers seem to be talking about their lives, but usually, these bloggers have been around for a while.

To attract people, you either need to solve problems or write irrational topics.

7. Personal Development

Just like a lifestyle blog, developing a blog personally can be difficult because many people do not address specific issues. They created a blog for more than just a better life.

Through personal development, you need to help others very specifically. For example, you might say:

I promise to help you get rid of the habit of procrastination.

Either ...

I will help you overcome frustration.

Unless you understand how you will help, just providing a better life will not help anyone.

Avoid abusing comments. Peace ✌️ ✌️

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Avoid abusing comments. Peace ✌️ ✌️

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