5 YouTubers can help you to expand your channel

5 YouTubers can help you to expand your channel

Faced with reality, YouTube is a broad topic, and we cannot cover everything in this post. We believe that the more tips you provide, the better, so we created this list.

The following YouTube channels are dedicated to providing YouTube with excellent suggestions and developing your channel. I strongly recommend checking them all out! We have linked the most popular videos of each YouTuber, so you can preview their channels.

1. Brian Dean

Brian Dean

How his most popular video ranked first on YouTube:

Brian is a YouTuber. He is committed to introducing SEO, link building and content marketing strategies to YouTube creators and business owners on his own channel to help them develop their own channel.

His video surpasses YouTube, covering topics including how to rank first in Google, technologies related to page SEO, e-commerce SEO, and other useful backlinks and ranking videos.

Although he does not publish information often, his video provides high-quality insights and suggestions applicable to all social media platforms and search engines.

2. Nick Nimmin

Nick Nimmin

Most Popular Video of him is "The Best Video Editing App for Android and iPhone:

Nick Nimmin uses his channel to share video tips, ideas, etc. to help you expand your YouTube channel by attracting more subscribers and views.

His video covers everything from video editing skills to the YouTube app, how to build a Youtube channel for collaboration, better ranking of search results, and some occasionally interesting reaction videos. Because he continues to provide high-quality content to viewers, he has collected millions of views in the past few years.

3. Derral Eves 

Derral Eves

His most popular video has about 5 million views!

Derral Eves is a YouTube and video marketing consultant with extensive experience in social media, mobile and video marketing. He used his knowledge to provide advice to young content creators and business owners on all aspects of the YouTube industry (from usage to prohibited operations).

The main focus of the video and what he considers to be an expert are how to convert traffic to dollars, how to convert video views to money, how to convert website visitors to customers, etc.

4. Video Influencers

Video Influencers

How do their most popular videos make custom thumbnails

The channel is hosted by Benji and Sean. They teach strategies about Youtube, trigger Youtube algorithms, avoid mistakes made on Youtube, and all other Youtube topics you might think of.

Their high-quality content has been recognized by Forbes, and Forbes has included it in the "20 most popular YouTube channels" along with names such as "Tony Robbins" and "Gary Vinach".

The success of the channel also contributed to a book called "The Secret of YouTube", where you can read the secrets of the host's success on YouTube and how they are successful.

5. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

His most popular videos have more than 1 million views which is SEO tips for beginners.

If you want to understand keywords, rankings and overall SEO, then Neil is the most suitable person. He is the best-selling author of The New York Times. He himself learned how rankings, clicks, and backlinks work, and turned to YouTube to assist him with suggestions to help other creators realize their dreams.
The Entrepreneur Magazine said the only fact that he created one of the 100 most outstanding companies tells you that this person knows what he is doing.

Using This

These are 5 fixed resources. It is recommended that you browse their past videos and find topics that may help you solve the problem.

Note : To view their channel just click on name of each YouTuber.

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