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The idea of creating a website ranges from sharing your expertise and information to promoting products or services. Everyone has different ways to express their knowledge and push their products online through the website. But there is one thing, you must ask for a best clean website.

You must have a nice template that must be SEO friendly, mobile friendly, support AdSense and load quickly. Let's check the most necessary free AMP best blog templates you can't ignore. I have shared the most popular, best-selling, and high-quality APM Blogger templates for your business, e-commerce, company, blog, and member marketing website. Here, you will find the fastest and friendly, Ultra-SEO friendly AMP blog templates with rich summaries that identify all parts of your website and are also listed in SERP.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)-
Before entering a list of valid APM blog templates, first, we will explore more information about the meaning of AMP. People like to ask a lot of questions on Google, for example: What is Google accelerated mobile page? What is the AMP format? What is the AMP page in SEO? What does Google AMP do? What is an AMP website? Does the amplifier need https? How was AMP created? There are a lot more.

"Accelerated Mobile Pages" is announced in October 2015 by Google. The framework allows you to create fast-loading mobile web pages for your website. This is a specially designed open-source platform. And it allows publishers to increase speed. It can also help website owners provide the best user experience for readers on their phones. When the Internet speed is low, the AMP page loads faster, so readers do n’t have to wait for the page to load. Therefore, most publishers, website owners, etc. are using this latest and efficient technology.

The most powerful advantage of AMP is that it does not reduce advertising revenue. So basically, AMP is used to create fast rendering website pages for smartphones. There are 3 basic functions; AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP CDN running APM. Similarly, SEO optimization is also important for developing templates that help increase traffic.

5 Best Free AMP Blogger Templates For 2020 To Speed Up Loading

5 Top Free AMP Blogger Templates | Increase Blog Speed

Check out all the AMP Blogger templates with demo and download links below:

1) Infinite

Infinite Best Free AMP Blogger Templates
The Infiniteamp blog theme was created by blogger Arlina. It is one of the best SEO optimized AMP blog templates. This is a widely distributed advanced theme. It covers SEO Friendly (friendly SEO), elegant appearance, super responsive, dynamic title, footer menu and other functions.

2) Infinite JLB

Infinite JLB Best Free AMP Blogger Templates

Infinite JLB was developed by Infinite AMP. This is a template that helps SEO optimization. Its meta part allows you to make your website more SEO friendly. Moreover, the eye-catching UI color design becomes more pleasant. It covers features such as dynamic headlines, top banner ads, subscriptions and social sharing.

3) Maknyus

Maknyus Best Free AMP Blogger Templates

Maknyus AMP blog template was developed by Raden Gino. The template has a simple two-column design, quick response, neat layout and bright colors. It covers features such as fast loading, browser compatibility, social sharing and SEO friendly web design.

4) Blanterde

Blanterde Best Free AMP Blogger Templates

IDBlanter has created a Blanterde AMP blog template. It is a two-column design suitable for personal websites. It looks fashionable and responds quickly. It covers super fast loading, AMP search box, navigation menu, supports Disqus comments, mobile sidebar, top navigation bar, bright colors, AMP-based buttons / iframe / slider and other functions.

5) Siniladom

Siniladom Best Free AMP Blogger Templates

The Siniladom AMP blog template was created by Ikhwan Zubir. This SEO friendly blog template contains two columns, one of which has a right column and 4 footers, easy to customize. It covers vertical pull-down menus, AMP verification procedures, light-colored themes, breadcrumbs, Adsense ready and other functions.

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