How to upload theme in blogger

Hello Everybody, today's world is always in search of finding beauty even in physical life or technical life, so how your blogger account live behind that? Every blogger always try to update is blog in beauty or formality. So for every new blogger the theme is most important thing. He doesn't knows how to upload theme / template in blogger. Here are the steps are given to upload template in blogger.
Step 1: Login into your blogger account.
Login TO Blogger

Step 2: Select Theme option in blogger.
Select Blogger Theme Option

step 3: Here you will see Restore and Backup option. Select that option.
Blogger Restore and Backup Option

Step 4: Choose Upload File. Here you have to upload the xml file of theme that you have been updated.

Step 5: Click on Upload. Here You have successfully uploaded the theme. Now You can view theme or template by just searching your blog or from your blogger account.

For more reference watch this video:-

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Avoid abusing comments. Peace ✌️ ✌️

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